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NPSL 4A Volleyball
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NPSL All League Teams
Nov 13, 2018 10:38 AM


MVP: Zaiah Calvin, Kentridge, OH, 12th

1st Team:

Paige Anthony, Tahoma, OH, 12th

Austin Ibale, Kentridge, S, 12th

Chey Jones, Tahoma, OH, 11th

Pearl Moore, Kennedy Catholic, OH, 11th

Dyamonde Schirmer, Kennedy Catholic, S, 12th

Kate Wick, Kentridge, OH, 12th

McKenna Peters, Tahoma, Lib, 11th

2nd Team:

Carmin Bains, Kent-Meridian, L, 12th

Nelly Escandon, Kentridge, L, 12th

Chalyse Fuimanno, Kentwood, MH, 11th

Madeline Gooding, Kentridge, MB, 11th

Anna Hardy, Mount Rainier, OH, 12th

Emma Hartvickson, Kentlake, OH, 11th

Kaileahna McCollum, Tahoma, 12th

Olivia Van Rens, Kentwood, OH, 12th

Allison Stewart, Kentwood, S, 10th

Honorable Mention:

Olivia Baker, KM, OH, 11th

Sophia Collins, KM, S, 12th

Emilla Seaman, KR, S, 11th

Emma Agostini, KL, OH, 11th

Erin Bedry, KL, L, 12th

Chloe Hawker, KL, OPP, 11th

Marissah Banuelos, MR, OH, 10th

Alyssa Debiase, MR, MB, 12th

Kennedy Kibby, Tah, S, 11th

Kaia Garcia, Tah, DS, 11th

Rachel Davis, Tah, OH, 10th

Jessi Gaul, KW, OH/MB 10th

Caitlin James, KW, L, 11th

Sharli Oneil, KC, OH, 10th

Amaya Cook, KC, MB, 12th

Coach of the Year: Eric Han


MVP - Camden Hielborn – Auburn Riverside – S – 11th

1st team:

Bri Ingram – Auburn Riverside – MH - Junior

Boletta Joyce Muliaganotoa – Federal Way - OH – 12th

Emily Miller – Enumclaw – OH – 12th

Lilly Zimmerman – Auburn Riverside – OH – 10th

Maki Bispham – Federal Way – Libero/OH – 11th

Katelyn Weyer – Enumclaw – MH – 12th

Renee Tiumalu – Todd Beamer – Libero/OH – 12th

2nd Team

Siarah Brown – Auburn – S – 11th

Lanae Wohimacher – Auburn Riverside – OH – 12th

Lauren Hansen – Enumclaw – MH – 12th

Gjianni White – Thomas Jefferson – OH – 11th

Jenna Lacey – Auburn Mountainview – OH – 11th

Mele Veikoso – Federal Way – S – 12th

Jessilyn Huizen – Enumclaw – Opp – 11th

Honorable Mention

Dyvhine Fonoti – TJ – S – 10th

Dyvhon Fonoti, TJ – OH – 10th

Charity Sevaaetasi – Aub – Lib – 11th

Maddie Milton – Aub – OH – 11th

Penina Keni – FW – OH – 12th

Asia Stewart – FW – MH – 10th

Caitlin Chan – FW – S – 10th

Hannah Couch AR – S/OH – 9th

Krisee Copeland – AR – MH – 9th

Azaria Johnson – AMV – MH – 11th

Maddie Milton – Aub – OH – 11th

Aryn Spenser – Dec – OH – 10th

Bella O’Brien – Dec – OH – 10th

Coach of the Year: Jackie Carel

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