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Boys Wrestling
NPSL 4A - Olympic
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Auburn Riv7081
Auburn MV3434
Todd Beamer0404
Federal Way0404
T Jefferson0404

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2018-19 Varsity Boys Wrestling Schedule

Regular Season

  Date Auburn Mountainview Opponent  
* Thu, Dec 6 Auburn Mountainview 47 Todd Beamer 27
Sat, Dec 8 Larry Brown
* Wed, Dec 12 Auburn Mountainview 58 Federal Way 24
Fri, Jan 4 Gut Check
Sat, Jan 5 Gut Check
Sat, Jan 5 Sky Valley Invitational
Auburn Mountainview Sultan (Host)
Eastside Catholic
Friday Harbor
Granite Falls
Muckleshoot Tribal School
Port Townsend
South Whidbey
        Weigh-In at 8am
* Wed, Jan 9 Auburn Mountainview 24 Decatur 52
* Wed, Jan 16 Auburn Mountainview 21 Auburn Riverside 56
* Wed, Jan 16 Auburn Mountainview 30 Auburn 39
* Wed, Jan 16 Auburn Mountainview 15 Enumclaw 60
* Wed, Jan 23 Auburn Mountainview 55 Thomas Jefferson 6

Post Season (If Qualified)

  Date/Time Event  
 Feb 1, 4:00 PM
Feb 2, 10:00 AM
Sub District Tournament at Auburn High School
 Feb 9, 10:00 PMRegional Tournament at Todd Beamer High School
 Feb 15, 12:00 AM
Feb 16, 12:00 AM
State Tournament at Tacoma Dome

Parent Meeting

Dec 1, 2015 5:37 PM


Parents and their Wrestlers


Parent meeting


December 2nd at 6 pm


Rainier Middle School (30620 116th Ave SE) Room 602, Mr.McGuffin's room


To meet and discuss the season, your child, and the wrestling program



Jay McGuffin

Aubuurn Mountainview Wrestling Parent Meeting

Dec 2, 2015 4:04 PM


Lion Wrestling….It’ll Change Your Life!

Program Goals:

  • To give all students an opportunity to learn the sport of wrestling

  • To help students build character through the sport that will go beyond practice, school, and high school

  • To give students the tools/technique necessary to perform their very best every match

  • To ensure that every student participating feels apart of something bigger than themselves and connected to the program, students involved, and coaches included with the program

Student-Athlete Responsibilities

  • Communicate with the coaching staff (509) 607-1969

    • if you are going to be late to practice

    • if you are going to miss practice

    • if you are hurt or injured

  • Be to practice on time

  • Keep your grades up to participate

  • Come to practice with a positive attitude, willing to learn, and ready to work hard

  • Shower after practice

  • Communicate with coaches if you notice any skin infection

  • Participate with fundraisers for the program

Coaches Hierarchy of Needs

  1. Family

  2. School

  3. Wrestling

  4. Everything else

Parent Responsibilities

  • Following the above Hierarchy, please ensure that your teenager makes wrestling the third priority

    • for all practices (weekends and holiday breaks)

    • matches

    • tournaments

    • fundraisers

  • During the wrestling season please help your teenager develop positive

    • sleeping habits

    • eating habits

    • social habits ( It’s ok to say...Sorry, but your not going out tonight….blame me)

    • Homework habits

  • Please help out with tournaments and fundraiser that come up

    • Even if you know nothing about wrestling we need your help managing tournaments

    • It’s the best way to raise money for our program

    • You can:

      • help set-up

      • run concessions

      • provide food for the hospitality room

      • be security

      • take tickets

      • work a table

Social Media

  • Follow Auburn Mountainview Wrestling on Facebook

  • Tell your friends to follow us on Facebook too

  • Make it a priority to check the SPSL website often. On this site you will find:

    • team roster

    • practice and tournament schedule

    • A bulletin board for any changes that might occur or messages I have for you

Message from Coach:

“A coach has an opportunity to change more lives in 1 season then the average person in a lifetime.”

I love to win, I love success….But, with that said, I can honestly tell you that coaching wrestling to me is way bigger than that. It’s the character is see transform, its the relationships I see established, it’s the work ethic I see arise, it’s the mentality I see after a grueling practice that your teenager will take with them far beyond the season and high school career. It will be a tool for success in their daily lives…..which is why I say, “Wrestling: It will change your life”.

Important...Please read

Dec 3, 2015 10:51 AM

We will be leaving Saturday at 6am...not 7am

This means the tournament will start at 9am


Christmas break Practices

Dec 27, 2015 11:32 PM

We will be having mandatory practices the 28th through 31st in preparation for All-SPSL at Auburn High School January 1st and 2nd.

Practice time is 8-10am.

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